Challenger – The Original Foxes of Fox Creek

Challenger has provided survey support to the oil and gas sector in the region of Fox Creek, Alberta, since the 1990’s. Some of our field employees have been with us since the very beginning. As the industry moved from vertical drilling to complex horizontal techniques, Challenger evolved alongside it.

The area around Fox Creek is of course known to be the centre point of the Duvernay play. Our ongoing partnerships with progressive and innovative clients in the industry have given us:

  • An expert’s perspective on resource development.
  • Comprehensive planning of projects years in advance.

We contend with issues such as water management and environmental reclamation with minimal surface development disturbance.

Challenger has played a role in developing practices that are among the best in the world, not just the region.

With all this experience those operating in the Duvernay would be crazy not to talk to us about plans in the area. With thousands of days in the field, and every imaginable scenario of well-site, pipeline, and facility configuration, we’ve perfected a method for oilfield surveying that inspires confidence. As an example, last year’s wildfires damaged infrastructure, including bridges, power lines, and even some wells. By leveraging our relationship with satellite imagery providers, we were able to support our clients in the region by assessing the damage, keeping an eye on their treasured assets, most notably, their relationships in the communities where they operate.

The relationships we have built with our clients stem from our role as their trusted advisors. We believe we have earned this role, working alongside our clients solving the most complex problems.

Our clients have learned not to say “I have a problem” but rather, “I have a question”.

We were fortunate to share a comprehensive global perspective with our clients on the work in the area, resulting in tremendous value to their shareholders, stakeholders, and future generations. If the entire industry operated as they did, Canada would be the only place for oil and gas in the world. Long before government mandates for environmental stewardship we were working with our clients to think ahead and develop their projects in a manner such that their grandchildren would be proud of their effort. Reducing the footprint of development while maximizing return.

Something has to give in this equation, and that is time. A rush job is no place for careful consideration. But you need deep pockets to think ahead and invest in the future. This is no small feat in a place like Alberta, where at times, the get’r’done attitude prevailed. All too often a lowly surveyor is contacted at the last minute to stamp out a lease to fit a rig, with little consideration for the impact on the later stages of a project. Simple engineering of the desired site can save hundreds of thousands of dollars on earthworks, maintenance and eventual reclamation liability.

We have found lasting partnerships with operators who chose to take the long view of their projects. Make no mistake, these oil and gas companies make lots of money doing so, but do it in a way that is the definition of the word sustainable. Our staff are proud to be part of that legacy.

We hope to hear from you about your problems and how we can turn them into questions.

Our clients often tell us we wish you had been involved sooner, and it would have saved substantial cost and delay. Not all problems can be solved with the check book but many checks in the book can be saved with the right approach to the problem… ahem.. question.

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