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Land Surveying in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Since the ’90s

Nestled in the heart of Alberta lies an industrial powerhouse that has been a cornerstone of Canada’s economy for decades. Alberta’s Industrial Heartland, has been a focal point for economic growth and development since the 1990s. For Challenger Geomatics, this region has been our canvas for innovation and progress. Perched directly on our back doorstep, this […]

Challenger Innovation in Action: Depth of Cover and Site Selection Tools

The ‘i’ word (innovation) is casually thrown around in marketing material, almost as a nervous tick, but it’s all too often an aspirational reference to a vague notion. Lacking specifics or worse, showing off the latest and greatest gadget (made by someone else) that is purchased and displayed as innovative. Adoption of a new tool […]

Challenger – The Original Foxes of Fox Creek

Challenger has provided survey support to the oil and gas sector in the region of Fox Creek, Alberta, since the 1990’s. Some of our field employees have been with us since the very beginning. As the industry moved from vertical drilling to complex horizontal techniques, Challenger evolved alongside it. The area around Fox Creek is […]

Operating Oil and Gas Assets in Alberta?

Have questions about the changes in the Public Lands Administration Regulation Table (PLAR) Table?   You can now apply for many dispositions without a field survey. AS you may already know, new PLAR table (A1 and A2) were released by Alberta’s Ministry of Forests and Parks on December 1st. Let’s talk about what this means […]