Health and Safety

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Our Philosophy

Challenger Geomatics Ltd. is committed to the highest standards in our health and safety processes. People are our most important asset and injuries are often disastrous to the security of families. To this end, we believe no work injury is acceptable.

Employees at every level are held accountable for health and safety performance. Active participation by every employee, every day, and on every job is absolutely necessary. We also believe that we can all play a part in addressing issues when we see them and encourage others to do the same.

Challenger Geomatics’ goal is ZERO incidents on the job.

Locating pipes and utilities during excavation

Our Record

Since Challenger’s incorporation in 1984, health and safety practices have been an essential part of our business. Challenger has been a COR-certified company since 2001 and is currently enjoying the rewards of a discount on our Alberta WCB rate thanks to our excellent past performance.

Challenger is currently registered with three major safety registries: ComplyWorks, ISNetworld, and Avetta. Our company health and safety manual exceeds the minimum requirements of the above registries and can be made available upon request along with WCB Employer Premium Rate Statements, WCB clearance letters, monthly and yearly safety statistics, certificates of insurance, contacts for safety personnel within our organization, and more.

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