Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Survey

Our fleet of rotary and fixed-wing UAV technology is backed by our highly experienced in-house photogrammetry department and can deliver quick and inexpensive orthographic and DSM/DEM data for our clients. It can also be deployed for inspections using its precisely controlled high-definition video collection and is ideal for use in remote or difficult terrain, and for dynamic or rapidly changing sites.

UAV Services:

  • Equipped with the innovative UAV sensors and platforms of DJI Phantom 4 Pro, Fixed Wing Tuffwing UAV Mapping and SenseFly eBee X RTK/PPK systems
  • New Aerial Photography Acquisition up to 1.0cm pixel resolution
  • Absolute Accuracy with RTK/PPK and/or GCPs can reach up to 10cm horizontally and vertically
  • Ortho Mosaic products to meet professional survey grade specifications
  • Point Clouds generated from air photography bundle adjustment
  • Efficient and effective Survey for Applications include Grid Surveying, Cadastral Mapping, Topographic Mapping, Digital Ground Surface and Contours, Surface Profiles, Site Inspection, Volume Calculations, Environmental Monitoring etc.

ebee graphic sensefly

All three-dimensional products are certified by a Licensed Professional Surveyor or Geomatics Engineer and include a validation report. This report is based on survey-grade GPS measurements and is used to confirm and qualify the accuracy of the data collected by our UAVs.

A drone survey can complement other survey data and GIS systems to complete a range of tasks and the applications of this technology are rapidly evolving in the construction, mining, energy, and land development industries.

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