Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS is an important tool for many companies to visualize their data. Challenger can collect, organize, and most importantly help our clients make sense out of it.

Our capabilities and tools let us integrate, store, analyze, share and display spatial data in a customized way that is specific to your needs. With a broad range of experience for both public and private sector clients, we can quickly understand your objectives, assess your needs, and deliver effective GIS solutions to address them.

CIGS (Challenger Integrated Geospatial System) is a web-based GIS, built on Autodesk MapGuide and administered using the iVAULT system provided by WorkTech Inc. Originally developed as a system for our internal use, it has been expanded and further developed to meet the needs of some of our clients. Virtually any type of spatial data can be included specific to our client’s unique requirements. A few examples of data layers include:

  • Hydrography
  • Transportation Layers
  • Wildlife Sensitivity Zones
  • Wetland Area Mapping
  • Wellsites, Pipelines (including Gas Co-ops) and Facilities
  • Crown Dispositions
  • Orthophotos
  • LiDAR Hillshades
  • Hyperlinks to Panoramic Imagery, Survey Plans and Photographs

Challenger is also able to deliver customized GIS mapping products based on your project requirements. As a Digital Globe certified reseller, we can also incorporate a wide range of satellite imagery to enhance our GIS products.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

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