As Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) workflows become commonplace for architecture firms, a high-quality data set is more critical than ever. Challenger Geomatics was one of the first survey firms in Alberta to provide laser scanning services, and we have the expertise to provide these key deliverables needed to support your project.

We can deliver point clouds in a multitude of formats in the size and resolution that suits your needs. Other deliverables can range from simple floor plans to detailed MEP and Building models.

As an ISO-9001 certified company, we bring decades of survey expertise with us so you can be confident in the data received. Contact us to find out how we can assist you with your project today.

How We Support Your Project

Reality Capture

We support our AEC clients by employing 3D Laser Scanners and UAVs along with the latest software packages to bring actual site conditions into their 3D Design workflows. Data is registered, integrated into your coordinate system, analyzed, and made ready for BIM and CAD design tools.

Condominium Plans, Subdivisions and Legal Surveys

We provide a full complement of legal survey services, including bare land, multi-family and commercial and mixed-use properties. Challenger provides survey support for initial planning and design of new developments, as well as renovations or conversions of existing properties.

As-Built & Construction Survey Support

In addition to layout, as-builts and monitoring, many of our AEC clients are using Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) technologies to create digital models of their buildings and project sites to plan out all aspects of their construction projects.

Asset Management

Going beyond construction, many of our clients seek a single centralized source of information to support operations, maintenance, and lifecycle planning. We can assist with reality capture solutions and modelling for digital twins by organizing and combining different spatial data types.

BOMA Measurements

Small portable 3D Laser scanners offer huge efficiencies for property management companies and building owners. Interior spaces are accurately and safely measured with no disruptions to operations or enjoyment of the property. We support our clients with lease area measurements, floor plans and many other deliverables.

3D Visualization, Modelling and Virtual Tours

Visualization tools help you keep projects moving forward when on-site visits are costly or not practical. Remote teams can access the site virtually to support project planning.

Floor Flatness / Levelness

Challenger can quickly collect topographical data of floor slabs with minimal impact on operations. Standardized Floor Flatness and Levelness reports can then be generated, and high low spots identified to allow for rapid corrections to be made, ensuring a top-quality final product.


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