3D Laser Scanning and Modelling

Challenger is an industry leader in the use of 3D Laser Scanning & Modeling Technology on a broad range of applications including airport development, BIM projects, underground mining as builds, volume calculations, deformation surveys, remote arctic weather station upgrades, plant site redevelopment, SAGD Pad as-builds, compressor site upgrades, storage tank out of roundness reports and various as-builds on a range of oil and gas facilities.

Design professionals have come to rely on comprehensive and accurate data from laser scanning surveys and the resulting 3D models to produce detailed and precise design drawings. With precise drawings available for the construction of modules, developers are able to minimize time on site for installation and construction.


Our professional surveyors and engineers use the latest 3D laser scanning equipment and software from Leica Geosystems. This allows us to rapidly collect a 360° swath of measurements and photo pixels, for all visible points, at a rate of up to one million points per second, incorporating multiple scans into a point cloud for the whole project area.

3D scans provide unsurpassed 1mm accuracy to meet engineering design requirements, monitor deformation, and provide extremely accurate as-builts of complex structures. Deliverables can be formatted as point clouds, 3D AutoCAD/PDMS/Navisworks/Revit models, and Leica Truview even allowing users to do a virtual site visit.

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