3D Laser Scanning and Modelling

Challenger Geomatics uses the most cutting-edge suite of Leica 3D laser scanners to date.  Our modern and professional approach, coupled with the best 3D software, allow us to generate the most thorough and reliable 3D spatial information.  Whether projects require AutoCAD, Revit, Sketchup, Navisworks or Rhino deliverables, Challenger Geomatics can help.

  • Architecture, Scan-to-BIM
    • Interior and Exterior architectural models, MEP, topography within Revit,
  • Engineering Site Surveys / Topographic plans
    • Standard PDF or CAD drawings
  • Transportation, Landscape, Stockpile / Construction as-builts
    • Volumes, road corridor mapping, topographic contouring and profiles, construction progress management
  • Oil & Gas piping design, as-builts, and pre-fabrication checks
    • Solids modeling, pipe parametrics, ISO drawings, pipe spool fabrication checks
  • Heritage & Preservation
    • Digitally capture historic structures; modeling for restoration, digital exhibits, augmented reality
  • Deformation and formation monitoring
    • High-quality movement analysis on many types of monuments, structures and engineered surfaces

Engineering and Design professionals rely on comprehensive data to plan, design and control their projects. The benefits of thorough 3D scan data enable you to manage to phases of project efficiently – This means less-re-work, fewer field visits, minimizing field-fit solutions, and more logistical power for owners and operators.

No matter what your project needs are, our 3D scan team offers service solutions.  Contact Challenger Geomatics for more information on how we can benefit your next project.

3D Laser Scanning and Modelling

Laser Scanning Applications from Challenger Geomatics

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