Energy Industry Surveyors

Our experience as an energy industry surveyor of choice spans sectors and the entire value chain. We are an industry leader providing survey support for oil sands projects, pipeline infrastructure, as well as services for the growing renewable energy sector.

We bring our expertise to all phases of development, from initial exploration and planning all the way to site shutdown and remediation. As well as everywhere in between.

Challenger Geomatics is an experienced partner in planning and exploration activities, and have been involved in the mapping and assessment of key formations including the Kaybob Duvernay. Our team has also provided survey support for the layout and construction of new oil sands operations. This has included both mines and SAGD projects like the Mackay River development.

We also offer a full array of pipeline and midstream services. From initial planning and mapping of pipeline corridors to the detailed design and construction, our specialized surveyors are on-site providing their expertise.  Our surveyors have also provided a range of geomatics services in support of terminals and storage infrastructure as well as projects like the North West Redwater Sturgeon Refinery.

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Challengers’ experience in the energy sector also extends to the development of renewable energy projects including the planning and construction of wind farms, solar energy systems, transmission lines and energy storage systems.

Our professional team provides support not just during planning and construction, but also for ongoing operations. This includes services like weld mapping, Depth of Cover programs, dig programs, crossing surveys, survey support for hydrostatic testing and more to support our clients in achieving their ongoing commitments.


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