Experienced Surveyor of Pipelines, Well Sites and Facilities

Our experience has made us a surveyor of choice in the energy industry, we span sectors and the entire value chain. This includes survey support for oil sands facilities, pipelines, and terminal infrastructure, as well as services for the growing renewable energy sector.

We bring our expertise to all phases of development, starting from exploration programs and site planning to supporting plant operations. We also support several clients with pipeline integrity and facility investigation services.

From the initial mapping of corridors to the detailed design and construction, our specialized surveyors are on-site providing their expertise with midstream services. Our technology enables our energy sector clients the ability to scout possible routes for pipelines and access roads with minimal time in the field.

Our crews provide other specialized services to support tank terminals and assorted infrastructure including survey support for hydrostatic tank testing. Additional services in the energy sector include wellpad surveys, depth of cover, crossing plans, utility locates, bathymetry for tailings and brine ponds, right-of-way surveys, satellite imagery, laser scanning and modeling of pipe racks and other facilities, etc.

As Alberta Land Surveyors and also Canada Lands Surveyors, we understand the regulatory framework and reporting requirements faced by projects in the Alberta energy industry. This experience enables us to advise our clients on a wide range of issues, allowing them to complete their projects efficiently.


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