Specialized surface and underground surveys for the mining sector

Our experience supporting the mining industry spans the entire project life cycle, from exploration to mine construction, production surveys, through to final reclamation.

Challenger Geomatics is a member of the Association for Mineral Exploration as well as the Yukon Chamber of Mines and the Northwest Territories and Nunavut Chamber of Mines. As a survey partner on some of the largest mine projects in the North, we offer a wide variety of geomatics services for surface and underground mine projects. We have also worked on some of the largest mineral claims in the north.

Challenger has in-house photogrammetry services and is capable of providing orthophotography and other aerial mapping support. We are also to provide high-resolution satellite imagery and other geospatial solutions for your mine site which can be used for exploration, operations, sustainability programs, as well as mine reclamation.

We have provided local topographic surveys and construction survey support on mine infrastructure including earthworks, utility locating, access roads, conveyor systems, and surveys of site buildings.

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