Land Development

Subdivisions and Condominium Surveys

Challenger’s experience with land development surveys ranges from large scale commercial projects to subdivisions and condominium developments. We provide legal surveys required for land title registration which establish the location of real property boundaries and natural or man-made features, for both private companies and government agencies.

There are many complexities to condominiums and stratas that are not considerations when constructing a building for a sole owner. Using a survey company like Challenger Geomatics that specializes in condo surveys minimizes that risk. We do dozens of projects like this each year and know the potential pitfalls and can offer strategic advice as it pertains to the development requirements, government legislation, and updated Condominium Property Act and Regulations.

The proprietary software and state of the art tools implemented by Challenger provide our clients with unparalleled precision and accuracy in the produced legal documents. Challenger offers an array of legal surveys which cover all phases of development from the initial layout to the final plans and real property reports (RPR).

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