Land Development

Expertise in Subdivisions and Condominium Surveys

From large-scale commercial projects to subdividing a small portion of land from your personal property, we provide legal surveys and the expertise required to help you navigate this process.

For an individual landowner, this can include a range of services including locating property boundaries and survey markers, generating a real property report, gathering information about easements/rights-of-way on the property, and preparing the Plan of Survey as well as other documentation to meet local planning requirements.

For property managers and developers, depending on the nature of the property or development, there may be other complications as well. Using a professional survey company like Challenger Geomatics to prepare your application minimizes the risk as we understand the planning regulations and can advise you on a range of issues.

When building mixed-used and multi-family developments, there are many other complexities that have to be addressed that you don’t typically have to worry about when building for a single owner. Our expertise on these projects allows you to more easily navigate local planning requirements and provincial legislation (Condominium Property Act) in order to complete traditional condominiums as well as Strata / Bare Land Condos.

We also work with property management and other clients by providing commercial real property reports, 3D Scan support, Boma Surveys, and more.

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