Machine Control

Earthworks companies have been using machine control technology on their equipment in North America since the late 1990s.

Using machine control, operators can view design models, GPS coordinates and other positioning data in real-time. The technology can be deployed on excavators, bulldozers, graders, loaders, drillers & pilers, rollers, pavers, and most other types of heavy equipment. Equipment operators use this information to adjust the position and angle of various attachments, increasing accuracy and efficiency in their work.

For mid- and large-size construction projects, machine control systems significantly increase productivity, allowing better allocation of equipment and people. This results in cost savings for a variety of earth moving, grading, compacting, piling, or paving jobs.

GC Bull Dozer Trimble

Machine control systems are most commonly guided by GPS/GNSS, but also using total stations or sonar. Challenger provides a wide variety of support services to help our clients establish and maintain machine control components and networks:

  • Design file interpretation and adaptation (Civil3D)
  • 3D model creation of the digital design in Trimble, CAT or Topcon formats
  • Local site control establishment in a proper coordinate system
  • Compatibility check between the design and site location
  • Base station set up and site calibration
  • Blade checks and QA/QC surveys of graded surfaces
  • Supportive stakeout of linework and cut/fill
  • As-Built Surveys certified by Professional Engineers and Alberta Land Surveyors

Each site where machine control is deployed has its own unique challenges. Challenger has years of experience on numerous transportation projects across Western Canada and the North. Contact us to find out how our machine control specialists can help you make the most of this technology.

Machine Control


machine control setup on grader for stoney trail project calgary

South East Stoney Trail

Ryan Schular Inuvik Tuktoyaktuk Highway (ITH) Surveying

Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway

Edmonton airport runway earthworks

Edmonton Airport

well site tank access road on the prairies

More than 20 well sites and access roads in Topcon formats

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