South East Stoney Trail

Chinook Infrastructure Partnership

Project Summary

The Southeast Stoney Trail Project involved the construction of a six-lane 25km section of expressway from Peigan Trail to Highway 22X. Challenger provided survey support for all final grading and paving operations including volume calculations and reporting.

Services Delivered

  • Verification of permanent control points on the site including elevations and coordinates using static and RTK GPS methods.
  • Survey all paving and aggregate operations.
  • Topographic survey on remediation areas during various stages of excavation.
  • Make volume calculations and prepare plans certifying volumes and surfaces.
  • Topographic surveys on each layer of material and final as-build survey.
  • Maintain database of CAD drawings identifying each phase of excavation and grading/paving.
South East Stoney Trail

Client: Chinook Infrastructure Partnership

Location: Calgary, AB

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