Bathymetric Survey

Hydrographic Survey Data and Professional Expertise

Know what lies beneath the surface to manage your projects efficiently and minimize risk. At Challenger, we gather detailed hydrographic survey data for analysis to support marine construction, environmental monitoring, integrity programs and many other applications.

Challenger operates both small watercraft and remotely operated vessels, equipped with all the necessary equipment for single and multi-beam bathymetry. We can work with you on your specific requirements to ensure that we are properly equipped for the job required.

Bathymetry is the process of mapping underwater topography and measuring depths and contours of the ground beneath water bodies such as rivers, ponds, lakes, and oceans. Challenger has extensive professional experience in this discipline and offers a wide range of consulting services to support the completion of your project.

Hydrographic surveys are essential for a range of marine construction activities, including new bridges, positioning pilings and offshore drilling platforms. Challenger uses a broad range of bathymetric technologies, such as echo sounding or sonar with single-beam, multi-beam or side-scan capabilities.

Bathymetric data for shallower areas may also be gathered using conventional survey, light aircraft, or even drones.

Challenger has extensive project experience collecting high-resolution bathymetry, as well as profiling imagery. Positioning data can be quality controlled using a GPS RTK Base Station on shore. Once the data is collected, we process that data to provide a number of deliverables including cross-sections, scan imagery, surface files, Autocad, mesh geometries, and point clouds.


  • Bathymetric Surveys
  • Multi-beam Surveys
  • Sub-Bottom Profiling
  • Depth of Cover Surveys
  • Pipe Locating
  • Crossing Surveys
  • Asset Inspection
  • Tailings, Brine Ponds, Reservoirs and Borrow Pit Surveys
  • Mapping Flood Plains
  • Survey Control Network
  • Construction Planning / Layout
  • Scour / Thalweg Surveys
  • Monitoring Surveys / Change Detection


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