Midstream Services

Survey support for pipeline planning, construction, and integrity programs

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Superior service and precision

Serving Midstream Oil and Gas Companies for More Than Three Decades

Superior service and precision

Serving Midstream Oil and Gas Companies for More Than Three Decades


Our staff have extensive experience working with the midstream sector. We provide survey and mapping services to support all phases of pipeline projects, from early planning and route alignment to design, construction, and ongoing maintenance.

We collaborate with you and bring innovative geomatics solutions to the table to support the planning and construction of pipelines and related facilities and infrastructure.

The regulatory environment for pipelines is complex, which is why from initial planning and route selection all the way through to construction layout, we assign the right people and technology to address your unique needs.

We also support ongoing pipeline operations with survey and geomatics support for as-builts, pipeline inspections and integrity programs.

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Midstream Services

As Alberta Land Surveyors, we understand the regulatory framework and the challenges our clients face.  We work closely with our midstream clients to establish the highest quality standards and ensure efficient project delivery.

Route Planning

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Desktop Scouting

Challenger’s 3D Scout Tool allows us to digitally map the locations of staging areas, access roads and pipelines; reducing field costs for scouting and survey.

Engineering Surveys

Our dedicated team is able to collaborate with you on engineering design and geotechnical analysis as well as provide preliminary surveys to determine viability.

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Legal Surveys

As experienced land surveyors, we work closely with you on engagement plans including locating property boundaries and owners along the corridor, easements, and right-of-way mapping.

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Detailed Planning

Energy developments are complex and carefully regulated. We have access to a library of survey data as well as high-resolution satellite imagery to support you through the application process.

Construction Support

Construction Layout

Our field crews are experienced with all types of construction layout as well as scouting corridors with the latest GNSS RTK survey equipment to confirm alignment, placing markers and recording where coordinates for construction.

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Control Surveys

From setting up control networks to laying out and staking locations for piles and facilities, our services can be customized to your unique needs.

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Weld Mapping

Welding maps include critical data for ongoing quality control, inspection and maintenance of these pipelines including the type of weld joints, location and quality of the weld and persons responsible.

Utility Locating

To ensure the safety for all workers on site, we conduct detailed research and field assessments to locate and map the locations of any underground utilities.

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Laser Scanning

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Topographic Surveys

We create detailed topographic surveys and site plans using various types of survey data. We can capture a very high level of detail to support engineering and project planning.

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LiDAR data is also useful for digital terrain and elevation models. These models can be used to calculate water flow and direction, analyze terrain stability, and assist in mapping soils.

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As-Built Survey

Facilities and piping systems evolve constantly, so documenting and understanding true locations, sizes and arrangements of these pipe networks enable operators to manage their sites more efficiently.

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High Precision Monitoring

Once we establish a control network, we employ state-of-the-art survey equipment that is carefully calibrated to monitor shifts in the surrounding terrain.

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Pipeline Integrity

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Depth of Cover

Ensuring proper pipeline depth is essential for protecting nearby communities and the environment. Challenger is experienced in collecting and formatting data to meet your reporting requirements.

Above Ground Marker Surveys

Our team will map the locations of all above ground markers and integrity dig sites and format this data into your company’s pipeline GIS or integrity system.

Water Crossing Management

Rivers and streams are of particular concern to pipeline operators. Ensuring protection of sensitive habitats requires regular monitoring of slopes, banks and other hydrographic data.

GIS Data Management

Using interactive mapping software, we organize your data into custom GIS databases. This makes easy to display historical field data, documents and other custom data that you specify.

UAV Inspection

Drones provide both speed and cost savings compared to a traditional inspection done from the ground. Our certified UAV pilots fly the site to provide imagery or LiDAR data for further evaluation.

Dig Surveys

We support our clients by surveying potential dig sites, locating any utilities or other buried pipelines, and providing detailed site plans indicating the locations relative to other topographic features.