Challenger Acquires New Amberg Technology For Rail Surveys

At Challenger, we have extensive experience on rail projects both industrial as well as for transit. To increase efficiency and better serve our rail clients, Challenger has decided to invest in the Amberg GRP System FX.

The Amberg is a mobile survey system specifically designed for rail. With this technology, Challenger can collect highly accurate track geometry information for use in construction and maintenance projects. Survey accuracies are within 1mm.

We are one of the first companies in Western Canada to acquire the Amberg system and see this as a huge benefit to our rail clients. As-Built Surveys of railway lines can be completed at up to 5km per hour. That is 5 times more than conventional survey methods. Along with spatial orientation of the rails, the onboard sensors provide gauge, superelevation, twist and the curvature of the track.

The Amberg system also works with different track installations. Providing solutions for Ballast Track, Slab Track, and Embedded Track.

It can support 3D track surveys, control point surveys, track construction layout and gauging, clearance surveys, as well as maintenance and track inspection.

On tamping projects, the Amberg system can identify all track position errors in real-time. This data can be fed into the Mark IV Tamper, which can correct 3D position, gauge and superelevation all at once. When properly configured, tamping operations can be completed in 3 or 4 passes vs. the typical 8 or 9 passes over a section of track.

On slab track, the software can best-fit replacement track and calculate the optimum track position at each sleeper instantly allowing for rail adjustments to be made in real time. Best-fit calculations on location and not hours after collection creates significant time and cost savings for our clients.

In our preliminary use of the technology, we have already witnessed numerous benefits for companies installing or maintaining track. According to Tim Harding, “on a recent LRT project, we used the Amberg to as-built 1.5 km of line and give final adjustments to the MK-IV tamper to adjust the rail to its final in specification position. We completed this task in one 20 hour session which allowed the rail to be up and running on schedule. This would have taken at least twice as long using conventional survey methods to collect the rail adjustment data.”

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