Announcing Our Newest Indigenous Partnership

We are ecstatic to announce our newest indigenous partnership: Kitikmeot Challenger LP.

Founded April 3, 2023, Kitikmeot Challenger LP. is our first majority Inuit-owned company. It is a partnership between Kitikmeot Corporation,  the economic development arm of the Kitikmeot Inuit Association and Challenger Geomatics Ltd. Together we hope to bring prosperity and training for Inuit through employment opportunities, Indigenous Scholarships, geomatics services, and local financial benefits.

Our new partner, the Kitikmeot Corporation (KC) is the economic development arm of the Kitikmeot Inuit Association, one of three Designated Inuit Organizations (DIO) created through the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement.

The new company will focus on opportunities in the Kitikmeot Region, however the agreement extents throughout all of Nunavut. Kitikmeot Corporation will ensure that we are supported by the other DIO’s in their respective regions, as necessary.

We are delighted to work closely with the Kitikmeot Corporation through this shared partnership.

Paul Burbidge, Challenger’s President, shares his positive outlook for Kitikmeot Challenger LP:

I haven’t been this excited about a new partnership before. We’ve been working in Nunavut for decades and some of my favorite field experiences took place there while working closely with the Inuit.  I believe this partnership will be of great mutual benefit to Challenger and Kitikmeot Corporation as we establish ourselves as the premier geomatics provider in Nunavut. This is a big deal for us.

Dino Forlin, Chief Operating Officer shared his thoughts on our newly formed partnership:

Kitikmeot Corporation views this new partnership as a great model for Kitikmeot Inuit business ownership and as a vehicle for providing Inuit career development opportunities throughout Nunavut.  The leadership teams of both Challenger Geomatics and Kitikmeot Corporation share common values and aspirations and we are immensely pleased to be working together to grow this business across the Arctic.

Through our joint venture, we look forward to providing survey, mapping and geomatics services to existing and new clients in Nunavut.

We’ve seen significant growth and need for Geomatics services in northern Canada and can’t wait to see where this partnership will lead us. We’ve already had some great success through this partnership with some notable clients and projects.

For further information and inquiries, please contact Colin Charlton, Branch Manager (Yellowknife) with Challenger by phone at (867) 445-9801.


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