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Who We Are

Established April 3, 2023, Kitikmeot Challenger Limited Partnership is our first majority Inuit-owned company.

Kitikmeot Challenger LP is a partnership between Kitikmeot Corporation, the economic development arm of the Kitikmeot Inuit Association, and Challenger Geomatics Ltd.

This newly formed partnership, providing geomatics services, is committed to contributing to Inuit prosperity through employment opportunities, Indigenous Scholarships and using local businesses whenever possible.

The partnership is registered in Alberta and has been approved as an Inuit Firm and is listed on the Inuit Firm Registry.


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Kitikmeot Challenger Limited Partnership, Geomatics Nunavut, Surveying, Arctic Bay, Nunavut surveying, Kitikmeot

Our Services

Kitikmeot Challenger LP provides legal, mapping and construction surveys in the Kitikmeot Region and throughout Nunavut. Our goal is to work with Kitikmeot Corporation, other Kitikmeot Corporation companies and local Inuit businesses to maximize economic prosperity to their other companies and the Inuit.

This partnership leverages Challenger’s experienced professional and technical staff, who operate under a robust Safety Program (COR Certified, ComplyWorks, ISNetworld, and Avetta, WCB’s “Partners in Injury Reduction” (PIR) program) and a rigorous ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

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Notable Clients and Projects

Kitikmeot Challenger LP Projects include topographic, UAV, and construction surveys throughout Nunavut.

  • Baffinland Iron Mines Corp. – Topographic and UAV surveys
  • B2Gold Back River Corp. – Sabina Mine Survey
  • RJHPPM Services Inc. – Site Surveys in different communities throughout Nunavut