Announcing our Newest Indigenous Partnership with Dena Nezziddi

We are excited to announce our newest indigenous relationship, with Dena Nezziddi Corporation. Challenger has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Dena Nezziddi, the economic development arm of the Ross River Dena Council (RRDC), which is a Kaska Nation in Ross River, Yukon. Challenger and Dena Nezziddi will operate under the MOU while we work toward a formal Joint Venture Agreement, generating income for Dena Nezziddi and job opportunities for Ross River Citizens.

Ross River Dena Council is a First Nation located in the eastern part of Yukon Territory in Canada, centered in Ross River, Yukon at the junction of the Campbell Highway and the Canol Road, near the confluence of the Pelly and Ross Rivers. With approximately 550 registered members, the language originally spoken by the people of this First Nation was mainly Kaska, although a number of the First Nation’s citizens are Slavey speakers.

John Etzel, CEO of Dena Nezziddi Corporation, is positive about the new partnership: “We recognize that Challenger has a long-term presence in the Yukon. Both of our companies are interested in growing business in Kaska Traditional Territory and throughout the North. Dena Nezziddi is pleased that Challenger reached out to us, and we are very optimistic about this agreement and about development in the Ross River area in the coming years.”

Dave Thomson, Challenger’s President, shares John’s positive outlook for the joint venture: “Our partnership with Dena Nezziddi gets the ball rolling on enhancing local financial benefits and creating jobs for Ross River Citizens on projects in the Kaska Territory and surrounding area.”

The new partnership positions both Dena Nezziddi and Challenger to increasingly benefit by becoming the surveyor of choice for current and upcoming mining, reclamation and infrastructure projects within the Kaska Traditional Territory, which is one of Yukon’s most active areas for mining exploration.

Challenger’s clients in the region also reacted positively to the announcement. Robin Black, BMC Minerals’ Vice President of Exploration at their Kudz Ze Kayah project said: “We are pleased to see Challenger partnering with Dena Nezziddi, which will support the development of local capacity and business opportunities that will benefit Dena Nezziddi and the people of Ross River in the future.”

Through our joint venture, we look forward to providing survey, mapping and geomatics services to existing and new clients in Kaska Traditional Territory. For further information and inquiries, please contact Joe Iles, Indigenous Relations Lead with Challenger by phone at 867-668-6940.

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