Why Hire a Professional for your Land Surveying Needs

Before beginning a commercial or industrial construction project or closing a commercial real estate deal, you’re likely going to need the services of a Whitehorse, Yellowknife, Fort McMurray, Calgary, or Edmonton area land surveyor. Land surveys are often used to pinpoint the exact boundaries of a property and topographical makeup of the area. At Challenger Geomatics, our land surveyors have the credentials, skills and the professional approach necessary to perform an accurate commercial or industrial land development survey throughout Alberta, whether in Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, and also across Northern Canada. We are ISO 9001:2015 quality certified and use the latest survey instruments, including Leica and Trimble.

When You Might Need the Services of a Land Surveyor

Having a land survey done is important before you start on any sort of construction work, such as on a building, plant or road. A land survey will help determine the optimal site for any structure according to topographical details, and identify potential issues such as whether the area is prone to flooding. Furthermore, land surveys are crucial in identifying and mapping surface contours, as well as existing surface features, buried utilities, and property lines. Having a land survey done beforehand is a vital step in protecting your investment for the future.

Land surveys are typically carried out for businesses that would like to subdivide and sell off portions of a commercial property, or begin a new industrial project. A land surveyor will be able to prepare a subdivision map, and can also alert you to any planning restrictions or potential boundary issues which may arise down the line.

The services of our Calgary and Edmonton land surveyors as well as surveyors based in our other branch locations are also highly beneficial when buying or selling commercial property. If you are trying to sell a property, a legal land survey is usually a legal requirement for the sale, and can help give potential buyers more confidence, as it will provide a verification of your property’s size, extent, and boundaries. Likewise, if you are the one buying a property, a professional land surveyor will let you know exactly what type of land you are purchasing. The land you choose to build on can significantly influence the success of your commercial venture, as some types of land are better suited for commercial purposes than others. In fact, there are many factors such as easements, right-of-ways and more that can significantly impact what uses are permitted on a property.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Land Surveyor

Land surveys provide crucial information about where your property ends and where the next property begins. They are useful for both solving and preventing land disputes. Without the services of a professional surveyor, such as our Calgary and Edmonton land surveyors, landowners can’t be certain of the exact boundary lines of their commercial property. Most landowners also don’t have the necessary skills and equipment to find this information out for themselves, but a professional land surveyor does.

Land surveyors are highly trained professionals who combine an understanding of land titles, instruments and right-of-ways with the practical application of concepts from mathematics, geometry, trigonometry, and geography. Using their specialized skillset, Challenger’s land surveyors in Calgary and Edmonton, elsewhere throughout Alberta and in Whitehorse and North of 60 can accurately define the boundaries of a property. Whether you need a land development survey in Fort McMurray for a commercial development or a retail store, or are planning a major condominium development or industrial project in Edmonton or Calgary, you’ll want to make sure that the survey is done right.

A proper land survey also requires careful research into the history of a property and into other special considerations of the site. For example, factors such as nearby easements or right-of-ways could have costly consequences for planning and construction if not accounted for by a professional. As an ISO 9001:2015 quality registered company, at Challenger Geomatics an independent party within the company checks all surveys in order to ensure quality and accuracy, giving you peace of mind in this regard.

Need a Land Development Survey in Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie or Whitehorse?

At Challenger Geomatics our team of commissioned, professional land development surveyors have been helping industrial and commercial developers with all of their property surveying needs in Western Canada, including Alberta and the North since 1984. We are in good standing in a number of different associations, including the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association (ALSA), the Association of Canada Land Surveyors (ACLS), and the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA).

Private ownership of property is made possible in large part by well-defined and well-understood boundaries. All of the land surveying professionals at Challenger Geomatics are well-versed in reconciling the use and transition between different coordinate systems, geoids, ellipsoids, inclinations, separations, grid/ground issues, and projections, all of which can result in serious and costly problems if not done correctly.

At Challenger Geomatics we always put safety first. We are COR-certified, have a robust safety program, and are registered with all major safety registries including the WCB. We also carry general and professional liability insurance against errors and omissions on all of our work, helping you avoid a range of liability risks.

If you’re in need of a land development survey in Fort McMurray, Calgary, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, or Whitehorse for a commercial or industrial project, contact Challenger Geomatics for more information today.

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