Empowering Growth: A New Chapter for Challenger Geomatics in Edmonton

Today, we are excited to introduce Lara Suriyakumaran as our the newly appointed General Manager of our Edmonton operations.

The shift in this new direction creates more room for growth in our emerging leaders and best aligns our current VPs with their passion. This promotion provides well deserved advancement growth to Lara, someone who has been through our ‘Leaders of Tomorrow Coaching Program’ which gives us a lot of confidence in her success. We are excited about the future of Challenger and believe that these organizational changes will further ensure we remain focused on growing our business and delivering an exceptional client experience.

Paul Burbidge, Chief Executive Officer and President

Lara has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, a commitment to our values, and a passion for the geomatics industry. With this promotion, we are not only recognizing her outstanding contributions but also entrusting her with a pivotal role in steering the future success of our Edmonton operations.  Lara has completed Challenger’s internal coaching program designed to build leadership talent for up-and-coming leaders.

Lara has been with Challenger since June 30th, 1999.  During her ~24 years, she has very sincerely made lifelong friends with many colleagues and our client contacts – many of which we still work with today.  The lifelong connections she’s made during her tenure is a testament of the natural genuineness and care that she places in her everyday interactions even under the stresses of high demanding production. Through hard work, commitment, and perseverance, this is a very well-deserved milestone. She has worn multiple hats with Challenger. Starting with drafting, then moving on to Resource Manager, Project Manager, and Director (serving on the board of directors of Challenger).

Mike Lee, Vice President, Operations – Edmonton and Fort McMurray

Lara’s journey within Challenger has been marked by her commitment to quality, client satisfaction, and team collaboration over the past 24 years. Her passion for the industry has not only set her apart but also made her an invaluable asset to our organization. As General Manager of Edmonton, Lara will bring her passion for client success to the forefront.

I consider myself very fortunate to be with an organization that has strongly supported my growth and development over the last 25 years. I am really excited for this opportunity and feel very positive about what’s to come for our Edmonton operation and Challenger as a whole.

Lara Suriyakumaran, General Manager Edmonton

Here’s to Lara Suriyakumaran, our new General Manager of Edmonton, and to the collective success and growth that lies ahead for Challenger.

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