Wellsite Surveys

Challenger’s focus is delivering value to our clients when preparing a survey plan on each wellsite, and also when supporting monitoring programs.

Our most successful projects are ones where we are brought in on the front end to assist with preliminary planning. By bringing together the complete team of subject matter experts prior to having extensive survey work being done in the field, we are able to be efficient with resources, saving our clients time and money.

Our team is committed to working with each of our clients to ensure data sets are captured and formatted to work with their existing systems, making that data easier for them to maintain and support. The experience we have gained in more than three decades in Alberta’s oil and gas sector will be a great asset to your team.

Our crews are well-trained and located across the province to ensure easy access to your sites. We are committed to exceeding expectations in terms of accuracy and customer service and will work with you to ensure all requirements are met.

Wellsite Surveys

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