Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys show many characteristics of a proposed work site, show their position and elevation, and show natural features.  This type of data is essential for project planning and design.

This often happens before shovels hit the ground and machinery is brought out. A land surveyor, like those at Challenger Geomatics, can play a crucial role in securing project success by identifying issues early on and capturing a detailed picture of the proposed site. Understanding the site you’re working on is important for architects and engineers, so they know what can be built there, but also for contractors to ensure projects can be completed safely and efficiently.

The topographic survey can include the location of utilities, streets, retaining walls, existing buildings, trees, and other features. Deliverables and the level of detail can vary depending on the specific requirements of the project. In addition to traditional plans, viewing can be enabled through other software that can show data in 3D to more easily visualize site conditions.

Challenger uses the latest survey technology to complete topographic surveys including GPS/GNSS Receivers, Total Stations, 3D Laser Scanners, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, etc.

Topographic Surveys

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