Pipeline Integrity Surveys

Specialized Services for Pipeline Construction, Mapping and Integrity Projects

Challenger provides a range of survey services to support pipeline integrity programs in the field and in the office.

This includes depth of cover, bathymetry, underground locating, UAV surveys, and providing survey support to safely manage excavation activities.

Pipeline owners and operators are committed to proactively managing and maintaining their networks, ensuring the product can be transported safely and efficiently. 

Challenger supports major pipeline monitoring and detection programs using custom-built software tools. Incoming data is processed and reported to various stakeholders as required. Reports are customizable based on your company’s internal processes. Our comprehensive GIS tool and records management system records of all inspections, assessments, reviews, notifications and as-builts.

Services include:

  • GIS Data Management
  • Data & Plan Searches
  • CADD Drafting & Mapping
  • Buried facility locates & ground disturbance reports
  • Survey support including legal, above-ground marker, construction & as-built surveys
  • Depth of Cover
  • Surveys for Crossings and Encroachments
  • Survey Support for Hydrovac Services
  • UAV inspection
  • 3D laser scanning and modeling
Pipeline Integrity Surveys

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