Challenger sources aerial photography from digital or film-based cameras, in black and white, infrared or color at different scales depending on project requirements. Challenger has completed aerial photography and photogrammetry projects throughout Western Canada, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon using drones and light aircraft.

Photogrammetry services:

  • New Aerial Photography Acquisition
  • Historical Imagery Searching and Processing
  • Aerial Triangulation and Bundle Adjustment
  • Ortho Rectification and Mosaicing
  • Digital Terrain Model Data Collection from Stereo Models
  • Full Feature Collections from Stereo Models
  • Cadastral Mapping

Our team uses a variety of software for mapping and aerial triangulation which serves to tie photos together to ensure data capture is accurately recorded. Software includes least squares packages to perform rigorous and robust adjustments of photography blocks with post-processed airborne/IMU results.

Challenger can also source high-resolution satellite images and complete the triangulation and adjustments as required by the project including orthorectified imagery, mosaics and color enhancement.

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