Easements & Rights-of-Way

Easements or right-of-ways allow individuals, utilities, or local governments access to a section of property for specific reasons. There are technical differences between the two terms, but both have the same effect on the landowner although easements are often used to refer to municipal projects.

Construction of highways, railways, pipelines, transmission lines or other infrastructure often require a protected right-of-way and there are restrictions upon the landowner to prevent encroachment on these areas. Challenger works with landowners as well as governments, utilities, energy companies, etc. to locate easements or right-of-ways prior to construction to meet the needs of all parties involved. The boundaries are then marked on the ground and a legal plan of survey is prepared and submitted for public registration.

Examples of Easements

  • access roads
  • sidewalks
  • parking
  • lighting or other utilities

Examples of Right-of-Way

  • utility corridors
  • sewer / water lines
  • power lines
  • pipelines
Easements & Rights-of-Way

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