Condo Surveys

Challenger Geomatics conducts surveys for dozens of condo developments every year, working on a variety of condo types and following projects through all phases of planning and construction.  Even on smaller developments, condo projects are likely to take several years from initial concept to completion and require a detailed understanding of the regulatory environment. Costly construction delays and legal fees can be minimized by hiring specialized and experienced survey staff who can help you navigate the challenges and ensure the success of your new condo project.

In legal terms, it’s important to remember that a condo is not the building itself but a way of dividing ownership, and requires carefully following both municipal requirements as well as provincial and territorial regulations. Condo surveys, therefore, are not limited to your typical high-rise residential condominium development that one typically thinks about. It can just as easily be applied to:

  • bare land condos (similar to conventional subdivisions)
  • commercial or industrial buildings
  • conversions (of existing buildings such as apartments formerly for rent)
  • townhomes or other types of multi-unit dwellings (duplex, triplex, fourplex, etc.)

There are many reasons for creating a new condo or converting, and you first need to take a look at market demands for different types of housing stock. The development cycles are long, particularly for larger high-rise buildings, and a developer has to carefully manage the project timelines and understand all the risks. An experienced condo surveyor not only ensures that all planning boxes are checked and are done in the right order, but also can offer strategic insights into the development process, and what your project needs to ultimately be successful.

The submission of a condominium plan requires detailed planning and the careful preparation of supporting documents before your proposed condo is even reviewed by the local planning department. This means close cooperation with owners, the municipality, lawyers, engineers, and architects to collect the necessary information as well as prepare legal condominium plans for registration at the Land Titles Office.

Condo Surveys

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