Refinery Concrete Repairs

Imperial Oil

Project Summary

Imperial Oil was performing concrete repairs at Terminal 88 within the Edmonton Refinery. Due normal wear, portions of the concrete pad at this location were starting to show signs of deterioration. Imperial Oil planned to cut out and repair sections of concrete that were in poor condition. Prior to cutting out concrete, underground locate services were requested to confirm that no underground utilities were present where the concrete was to be cut.

Services Delivered

Challenger was asked to perform a 2-part locate which consisted of both a sweep with and EM locator, as well as a GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) scan of the entire concrete pad. GPR was an important part of this scan since it would provide visibility of non-metallic objects embedded within the concrete and provide insight as to the placement of rebar. Scans were completed and the underground utilities, along with their depths were confirmed allowing Imperial Oil to safely carry out the concrete repair.


GPR, Ground penetrating radar, refinary, Alberta oil and gas Raw GPR Data, Data Collected, Underground utilities, Ground Penetrating Radar

Refinery Concrete Repairs

Client: Imperial Oil

Location: Edmonton

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