3D Scanning – Lost in Space TV Series

Legendary Entertainment

Project Summary

Challenger worked with production crews to identify required mesh geometries needed to produce Lost in Space Season 2. We conducted full-resolution 3D laser scans of areas for location scout applications, art department pre-production and set planning, as well as support during live, on-set VFX planning with the director and VFX supervisors.

Challenger developed the 3D scans and processed them into high-detail mesh geometries for locations / sets, action areas, etc., for use in the production of the series.

Services Delivered

  • Scanning for location scouts, pre-production art department set planning
  • Scanning of action locations, on set during shoots
  • Scan registration, point cloud processing and cleaning
  • High-resolution CGI-quality mesh geometry creation
  • Ongoing geometry support as required by VFX teams
3D Scanning – Lost in Space TV Series

Client: Legendary Entertainment

Location: Various Alberta Locations

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