Field Survey Training for a Northern Workforce

Challenger is happy to partner once again with the Yukon University’s Geological Technology Program to help deliver their Fundamentals of Surveying course, an introductory, hands-on survey training experience.

The Geological Technology Program is designed to provide students with a strong understanding of the geology and geophysics along with practical skills and experience they need to enhance their careers in mining and resource exploration.

The program is nationally accredited and has produced skilled graduates working in many industries.

Mining crew and topo map of Yukon from survey training

The surveying course lessons will be taught by Marshall Hatton, Project Manager in our Whitehorse office. This field course will introduce students to surveying concepts and techniques, the role of surveying in exploration and mining, and how to use survey equipment (total stations, GNSS receivers, etc.) and software.

As a small department with a focus primarily on geology, we didn’t have the expertise internally and needed a partner to deliver the course to industry standards. The course is now in its third incarnation, and keeps improving as we work hand-in-hand with Challenger to find the perfect blend of geomatics theory and practical hands-on surveying skills. Challenger has been an excellent partner in its work with the College, and we look forward to continuing the relationship for our future student cohorts.

Joel Cubley, Ph. D. – Geology Instructor

Upon completion, students will understand measurement and calculation techniques used in surveying, data collection and analysis, coordinate systems, and how to identify errors. As surveyors, there are different tools in our toolbox, and we want to ensure students understand the options available to them. Depending on the project, we may recommend conventional surveying, RTK GPS, Photogrammetry, LiDAR, Satellite Imagery, Laser Scanning or other methods of data collection.

Challenger has delivered survey and geomatics-related training courses in many indigenous and northern communities in the Yukon and Northwest Territories and is committed to building a highly skilled northern workforce.

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