Deetrin Geomatics

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Who We Are

Deetrin Geomatics provides construction and legal surveying services within the Gwich’in Settlement Area (GSA) as well as surveys to support the implementation of the Gwich’in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement. The GSA region comprises an area of approximately 57,000 square kilometres in the Northwest Territories.

Deetrin Geomatics is indigenous-owned by the Gwich’in Development Corporation (GDC). Meaning raven in Gwich’in, Deetrin was chosen to represent a species that is common and traverses the GSA while acknowledging the rich culture, history, and land-based lifestyle of the Gwich’in.

Our objectives are to:

  • Develop local resources and capacity related to geomatics
  • Hire, train, and employ Gwich’in citizens and companies allowing them to fully participate in geomatics activities within the GSA
  • Deliver innovative and high-quality geomatics services at competitive rates while working with other Gwich’in businesses

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