East Palliser Transmission Line

East Palliser Transmission Line

Client: NaturEner

Location: South East Alberta

Project Summary:

Challenger provided aerial photography and mapping to support route analysis and consultation for a proposed transmission line from Wild Rose Wind Farms south of Medicine Hat to a substation near Empress Alberta, approximently 120km.

Surveying and Mapping Services

  • Task project specific aerial photo acquisition along power line corridor
  • Prepare Orthomosaics of corridor
  • Aerial mapping of corridor including mapping of significant topographic features
  • Prepare DEM based on aerial photos
  • Prepare comprehensive mapping illustrating industry activity covering an area 9 Sections x 60 Sections
  • Prepare mapping templates to be used in identifying soils and vegetation cover along with wildlife considerations
  • Prepare mapping identifying land ownership along proposed corridor
  • Publish PDF's, CAD files and various Shape files

East Palliser Transmission Line
Orthomosaics Template Illustrating Soils and Vegetation Coverage

East Palliser Transmission Line
Notification Mapping

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