Photogrammetry & Aerial Mapping

Photogrammetry and Aerial Mapping

Challenger has full capability in all aspects of aerial mapping/photography and photogrammetry. Challenger has three full soft copy workstations and the ability to source satellite images for data extraction and orthophoto production.

aerial photography production

Digital Orthophoto

Challenger is one of the only survey companies with an in-house photogrammetry department. We able to produce orthophotos for resource developments, linear developments, land claim surveys, site surveys, urban GIS along with feature identification for comprehensive developments. Orthophotos can be developed from project specific aerial photos or prepared using existing aerial photos.

digital orthophoto


Challenger acquires LiDAR on behalf of clients to enhance mapping products such as desk top studies and the design of major earth works. LiDAR has been used to identify locations for facilities such as plants and well sites in addition to assist in route evaluation for roads and pipelines.


Challenger has also used LiDAR to design Oil Sands SAGD drilling pads; assess crossings of major features such as significant water crossings for linear development; identify conflicts or potential constraints for right of ways crossing developed agricultural lands; and enhance orthomosaics.

Aerial Photography

Challenger sources aerial photography from digital or film-based cameras, in black and white, infrared or color at different scales depending on project requirements. Challenger has completed aerial photography projects throughout Western Canada and the Yukon in support of linear developments, including Power Transmission Line development.

Aerial Triangulation

Challenger has a complete range of aerial triangulation software that serves to tie photos together to ensure data capture is accurately recorded. Software includes least squares packages to perform rigorous and robust adjustments of photography blocks with post-processed airborne/IMU results.

High Resolution Satellite Images

Challenger can source high resolution satellite images and complete the triangulation and adjustment, orthorectification, mosaicing and color enhancement.

high resolution satellite image

Reseller of Satellite Imagery

Challenger is a reseller of satellite imagery. Contact us to see if we have the high res satellite images you're looking for.

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