Surveying and geomatics technology overview

Challenger utilizes modern surveying equipment from leading worldwide manufacturers combined with advanced computers and software to support our clients. We are constantly evaluating and investing in our technology to meet the needs of our clients. At Challenger our goal is to provide the most efficient and cost effective solutions to surpass our client's expectations. Not only do we deploy the latest technology - we develop innovative solutions for our clients.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Our new UAV capability can deliver quick and inexpensive orthographic and DSM/DEM data for our clients. It is ideal for use in remote or difficult terrain, and for dynamic and rapidly changing sites.

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3D Scanning & Modeling

Challenger is an industry leader in the use of 3D Laser Scanning Technology on a broad range of applications including airport development, BIM projects, underground mining as builds, volume calculations, deformation surveys, remote arctic weather station upgrades, plant site redevelopment, SAGD Pad as-builds, compressor site upgrades, storage tank out of roundness reports and various as-builds on a range of oil and gas facilities.

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3D Scout Tool

Challenger's 3D Scout Tool is a preliminary scouting tool that helps our clients to plan and position wellsites, access roads and pipelines from the office; reducing field costs for scouting and survey and enhancing communications between the office and the field. The tool uses a LiDAR Digital Terrain Model with an Orthophoto overlay to produce a detailed 3D model of a proposed wellsite or access road including computing instant design elevations, coordinates and cut or fill quantities. Coordinates and Elevations can be directly downloaded into a GPS unit for field use. The 3D Scout Tool also utilizes Google Earth to give clients and field consultants a visual aid to assess potential locations.

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Pipeline Integrity Database

Challenger provides survey services including buried facility locates to support excavation activities in the field. By setting up and utilizing control networks we can efficiently identify locations of interest and quickly flag precise locations for excavation activities. Our field crews use historical asbuilt data provided by our custom integrity database.

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Photogrammetry & Aerial Mapping

Challenger has full capability in all aspects of aerial photography. Challenger has three full soft copy workstations and the ability to source satellite images for data extraction and orthophoto production.

Aerial Photography
Challenger sources aerial photography from digital or film-based cameras, in black and white, infrared or color at different scales depending on project requirements. Challenger has completed aerial photography projects throughout Western Canada and the Yukon in support of linear developments, including Power Transmission Line development.

Aerial Triangulation
Challenger has a complete range of aerial triangulation software that serves to tie photos together to ensure data capture is accurately recorded. Software includes least squares packages to perform rigorous and robust adjustments of photography blocks with post-processed airborne/IMU results.

Challenger acquires LiDAR on behalf of clients to enhance mapping products such as desk top studies and the design of major earth works. LiDAR has been used to identify locations for facilities such as plants and well sites in addition to assist in route evaluation for roads and pipelines.

Digital Orthophoto
Challenger is one of the only survey companies with an in-house photogrammetry department. We able to produce orthophotos for resource developments, linear developments, land claim surveys, site surveys, urban GIS along with feature identification for comprehensive developments. Orthophotos can be developed from project specific aerial photos or prepared using existing aerial photos.

High Resolution Satellite Images
Challenger can source high resolution satellite images and complete the triangulation and adjustment, orthorectification, mosaicing and color enhancement.

Historical Photography
Challenger uses aerial photographic techniques to analyze historical photos dating back to 1949 to show changes in erosion, accretion and course changes of hydrography. The process has been used successfully to locate orphan wells that require capping, drilled in the 1950s.

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