Topographic Surveying in Calgary & Across Western Canada

Challenger Geomatics Ltd. conducts topographic surveying in Calgary, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray, Whitehorse and many other locations throughout Canada. Topographic land surveys are useful in identifying and mapping surface contours, as well as existing surface features and buried utilities. These features can include property lines, easements, right-of-way, streets, walkways, manholes, retaining walls, buildings, trees, and other features useful for property development and management purposes.

The typical result of a topographic survey is a digital or printed topographic map showing contour lines and benchmarks to relay elevation and surface area data.

Topographical land surveys typically contain all the elements of a boundary survey with a special emphasis on elevation and vertical changes. Features are both vertically and horizontally referenced according to the needs of the project. Each feature is displayed relative to a standard coordinate reference monument known as a 'benchmark'. If a topographic survey is being conducted for construction or land development purposes such as a development or municipal permit or construction of building or road boundary lines and easements may be requested to be included in the survey. These details will allow the developer to work around zoning and other local requirements that could delay and/or cause issues during the construction project.

Terrestrial Laser Scanning, 3D Modelling and Dimensional Control Surveys

These type of topographic surveys are used to generate a full 3D model of all structures within the survey area. 3D Laser Scanning and Dimensional Control Surveys are commonly used in the gas and oil industry, especially in instances where a like-for-like replacement pipe is being swapped in for an aging or damaged segment, to engineer new facilities within existing and complex structures, or to assess minor deviations and flaws in a structure.

In dimensional control surveys, there is the added benefit of using an instrument that does not need to be level in order to provide accurate data.

Engineering Surveys

Engineering and as-built surveys are useful in planning and completion of engineering projects. They tend to have a narrow focus specific to the needs of the design engineer and may or may not have an emphasis on elevation.

Request a Topographic Survey

Challenger Geomatics Ltd. is available for topographic surveying in Calgary, Edmonton, and across Western Canada and the North. Let us learn more about your particular project requirements and how we can best serve you, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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