LiDAR & Aerial Photography Maps for Calgary and Western Canada

Aerial Maps

LiDAR maps use high accuracy, dense point cloud data surveyed by flying over a particular area in order to generate a Digital Elevation Model, or DEM. These types of maps provide real-world data for projects where it is crucial to see the precise topography of the project area, such as earthworks, 3D buildings, vegetation classifications, powerline and electric tower detection, and more. Aerial mapping with orthophotography is also an essential planning tool in sectors such as construction, oil and gas exploration, land development, mining, government, municipal planning, and utilities.

At Challenger Geomatics Ltd., we generate aerial maps for Calgary, and areas throughout Western and Northern Canada. We have an in-house photogrammetry department, allowing us to produce and deliver highly detailed and accurate aerial maps.

We have delivered numerous imagery acquisition and LiDAR aerial map projects in Calgary and locations across Canada — even into Canada’s North and the high arctic.

Keeping Costs Down with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

To keep your aerial surveying costs to a minimum, we can deploy quadcopters and fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to survey data for many projects. The information and images obtained using these UAVs can be used to create 3D models, DSM point clouds, orthomosaics and further feature collection.

Whether using UAVs, satellite imagery or traditional aerial orthophotography and LiDAR, we can acquire highly accurate 3D data and cartographic measurements in order to produce a range of maps. Our maps have been used by countless industries and governments throughout Canada.

Ensure your project gets off on solid footing — from the air; Contact Challenger Geomatics Ltd. to request aerial maps in Calgary or any other site throughout Canada.

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