Specializing in Building Condominium Surveys

Let’s assume that you own a piece of land and are looking to maximize the return on your investment by developing that property. Creating a condominium (condo) might seem like the way to go.

Not all land surveyors have the experience to help with a condo project. There are many complexities to condominiums and stratas that are not considerations when constructing a building for a sole owner. However, a surveyor who specializes in condo surveys knows potential pitfalls and can offer strategic advice as it pertains to the development requirements, government legislation, and updated Condominium Property Act and Regulations.

Challenger Geomatics conducts surveys for dozens of condo developments every year, working on projects through all phases from the initial site survey all the way to final as-built and real property report surveys. Even on smaller developments, mistakes can cost you both in construction delays and legal fees, which is why hiring specialized and experienced survey staff is crucial to the success of new condo developments.
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Understanding the Basics of Land Surveying

To the uninitiated, land surveying may seem extremely technical and complicated. While it has its challenges and technology has changed, the truth is that surveying as a discipline goes back thousands of years, and many of the principles have remained the same to the present day.

What has changed is that the technology at our disposal now allows us to do the job faster and be more precise in our findings.

Not only do surveyors require an intimate knowledge of their equipment, but also the math, engineering, and environmental sciences that are behind their gear so they can make adjustments in the field.

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When is a Topographic Survey Needed?

Land surveyor performing a topographical survey near CalgaryMany people view the start of a construction project as the moment that shovels hit the ground and heavy machinery is brought out. But, before many different types of construction and development projects can commence in Alberta, a land surveyor for Calgary, Edmonton, and elsewhere throughout Alberta and Northern Canada, such as Challenger Geomatics, first needs to create a topographic survey. Topographic surveying can play a crucial role in securing project success, so it’s important to know what a topographic survey shows and why it is needed.

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