New, Cutting Edge Survey Technology Acquired by Challenger

At Challenger Geomatics, we pride ourselves in being early adopters and staying on top of the latest developments in technology. In fact, did you know that Challenger was one of the very first survey companies in Canada to equip our field crews with GPS technology? In keeping with our tradition of being at the forefront of new technology in the survey field, we have upgraded our GPS survey equipment.

After a thorough internal review of the latest survey technology available on the market, we opted for the latest generation of Leica’s GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) suite of products. The close integration between Leica’s Smart Antenna, RTK Rover, and new Field Controller, as well as advances in the accompanying software creates an exceptionally advanced technology infrastructure to provide faster and even more accurate service for our clients.

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Understanding the Basics of Land Surveying

To the uninitiated, land surveying may seem extremely technical and complicated. While it has its challenges and technology has changed, the truth is that surveying as a discipline goes back thousands of years, and many of the principles have remained the same to the present day.

What has changed is that the technology at our disposal now allows us to do the job faster and be more precise in our findings.

Not only do surveyors require an intimate knowledge of their equipment, but also the math, engineering, and environmental sciences that are behind their gear so they can make adjustments in the field.

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Announcing Our Newest Indigenous Partnership with Dena Nezziddi

We are excited to announce our newest indigenous relationship, with Dena Nezziddi Corporation. Challenger has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Dena Nezziddi, the economic development arm of the Ross River Dena Council (RRDC), which is a Kaska Nation in Ross River, Yukon. Challenger and Dena Nezziddi will operate under the MOU while we work toward a formal Joint Venture Agreement, generating income for Dena Nezziddi and job opportunities for Ross River Citizens.

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Announcing Sub-Arctic Surveys Joining Challenger

We are excited to announce that Sub-Arctic Surveys Ltd. is joining with Challenger Geomatics Ltd.

Sub-Arctic is a leading, professional survey firm with headquarters in Yellowknife and a seasonal field office in Iqaluit. With a presence now established in all three of Canada’s northern territories – Yukon, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories – this builds on Challenger’s already extensive northern credentials, and positions Challenger / Sub-Arctic as the surveyor of choice for survey, mapping and geomatics services across Canada’s North.

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Announcing our New Branch Office to serve Drayton Valley and Area!

Building on our long history of working in the area, we are excited to announce that Challenger has opened a new Branch Office to service Drayton Valley and area. Employing several staff members from the former Baseline Geomatics, our Drayton Valley team will continue to deliver responsive local service backed by Challenger’s breadth of experience and resources.

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When is a Topographic Survey Needed?

Land surveyor performing a topographical survey near CalgaryMany people view the start of a construction project as the moment that shovels hit the ground and heavy machinery is brought out. But, before many different types of construction and development projects can commence in Alberta, a land surveyor for Calgary, Edmonton, and elsewhere throughout Alberta and Northern Canada, such as Challenger Geomatics, first needs to create a topographic survey. Topographic surveying can play a crucial role in securing project success, so it’s important to know what a topographic survey shows and why it is needed.

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Announcing a New Indigenous Partnership

We are excited to announce our newest indigenous partnership, a majority aboriginal-owned joint venture between Challenger Geomatics Ltd. and Chief Isaac Inc. The new joint venture was officially announced on November 20th, 2017 during a partnership-themed breakfast on the sidelines of the Yukon Geoscience Conference in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory.

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From the Field: The Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway

Canada’s north is famous for its extreme environment and the stories it spawns. For E. Grubens Transport and Inukshuk Geomatics, an aboriginal majority-owned partnership between the Inuvialuit Development Corporation and Challenger Geomatics Ltd., building the most northerly 60 kilometres of the 120-kilometre Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk highway gives rise to its own stories.

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Why Hire a Professional for your Land Surveying Needs?

Land surveyor in AlbertaBefore beginning a commercial or industrial construction project or closing a commercial real estate deal, you’re likely going to need the services of a Whitehorse, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, or Calgary and Edmonton area land surveyor. Land surveys are often used to pinpoint the exact boundaries of a property and topographical makeup of the area. At Challenger Geomatics, our land surveyors have the credentials, skills and the professional approach necessary to perform an accurate commercial or industrial land development survey throughout Alberta, whether in Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray or Grande Prairie, and also across Northern Canada. We are ISO 9001:2015 quality certified and use the latest survey instruments, including Leica and Trimble.

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Strengthening our Commitment to Indigenous Peoples, Partnerships and Business

Joe Iles relaxing at a Fish CampIn the spirit of our long-standing commitment to engage with Canada’s Indigenous Peoples, we are proud to announce the creation of a new Indigenous Relations Lead role at Challenger Geomatics. Building on our successful history of business partnerships and project work with Indigenous Peoples and on their lands, the new role will also focus on strengthening ties and adding value for our clients and partners such as growing local capacity and employment opportunities, utilizing Indigenous businesses and seeking out other opportunities for mutual benefit.

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